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Get Access to London's Private Gardens

Get Access to London's Private Gardens

How much is it? £20 for adults, children go free

What age is it suitable for? Any

Where is it? Across London

If you love gardening or just want to get out to some green spaces at the beginning of summer, London Open Gardens is a lovely event that gives you access to over 100 unique gardens and green spaces across the capital. Take a look through the list to find hidden gems, rooftop gardens, concealed terraces, and wildlife havens.

There aren't details of pram-friendly walks, but you can take a look at which gardens are and are not accessible and choose ones with pram-friendly paths that way.

Walk through with your baby for some inspiration for your garden or balcony, or tell your toddler stories about secret gardens and enjoy parts of London that you'll rarely have an opportunity to see otherwise.

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