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13 Things To Do with a 0-3 Month Old Baby in London

13 Things To Do with a 0-3 Month Old Baby in London

The fourth trimester is tough to plan around - nap times are inconsistent, your baby isn't fully vaccinated, you're still getting the hang of feeding, and you might still be recovering from the birth But there are still quite a few things that you can do in and around London to fit around your (and their) comfort levels.

Go for walks

This is really the simplest and most flexible way for you to get out. Fortunately, London has a tonne of green spaces and parks that are really pram friendly. I have a few walks recommended here, and will post more as I find them or test them:

A Pram-Friendly Walk Through the Olympic Park & Village
How much is it? Free What age is it suitable for? Any Where is it? Stratford I’m finally getting out and about more with the little one, and went on a lovely walk around the Olympic Park/Village in Stratford. The best walks end at a pub or with some
Enjoy Sculpture in the City
How much is it? Free What age is it suitable for? Any Where is it? City of London If you want to enjoy a sculpture garden in central London, Sculpture in the City is a wonderful way to do that within the urban landscape. The 12th edition is going up
Explore Kenwood House and Gardens
How much is it? Free What age is it suitable for? Any Where is it? Hampstead Enjoy one of London’s hidden gems right near Hampstead Heath - while heritage properties and stately homes are often expensive to visit, you can come to Kenwood House for free to enjoy a picnic
A moment of tranquility at Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
How much is it? Free What age is it suitable for? Various Where is it? Holland Park, Kensington Peace and tranquility are definitely not words that you associate with having a baby or toddler, but perhaps you can carve out some time to take a walk through the Japanese gardens
Explore Sky Garden and St Dunstan in the East
This is a 2 for 1, given how close together these beautiful gardens are. If you haven’t made it to Sky Garden yet, it’s a free indoor garden in the city.
Take your baby to the countryside without leaving London
How much is it? Free. What age is it suitable for? Any age. Where is it? Between Highbury fields and Caledonian Road station. If you want to feel like you’ve left London without the faff of actually doing it, a city farm is the perfect option. Introduce your baby to
Walk the Capital Ring with your little one
How much is it? Free What age is it suitable for? Anybody - but you might want to check whether your route is paved if you’re going with a pram rather than a carrier. If you just want to get out the house for a change of scenery, the Capital
A Baby-Friendly Tour of Hampstead’s Artists
How much is it? £22.38 What age is it suitable for? Any When is it? 11am on 9th June Where is it? Hampstead Traverse a film and literary trail of Hampstead Heath, with the chance to feed and change your baby without worrying about disturbing or holding up the

Check out your local library

Libraries, community centres, and children's centres typically have a variety of activities to help new parents get out of the house and meet other (very tired) parents. They're a great way to find other people going through the same things as you and spend time in a genuinely baby-friendly environment.

15 London libraries with baby and toddler sessions
London is home to a variety of libraries that offer rhyme time and baby/toddler sessions - find your local library running these free programmes.

Get out for lunch

You may not consider pubs very baby-friendly, but during the middle of a weekday they're often quite empty and quite a lot of them now try to cater to young families with baby changing facilities etc. I met up with some friends at People's Park Tavern on a Friday for lunch and we only shared the place with a couple with a dog and a very moody cat. There are also plenty of cafes in and around London who have realised that they can make quite a bit more money from the mummy/daddy crowd on a Tuesday afternoon.

7 Baby and Toddler-Friendly Pubs in London
There’s nothing better than a sunny beer garden in summer, but unfortunately having a little one can make finding the right pub a bit harder than just wandering to your local. Here are some of London’s more kid-friendly pubs, just in time for the sun. The Rosendale, Dulwich The Rosendale
10 Child-Friendly Cafes in London
Not every café is child (or parent) friendly - simple things like baby changing facilities, space for a pram, and just not wanting to disturb legions of people on their laptops can make neutral spaces difficult when you have a baby or toddler. So here’s a list of 10 cafes

Go to the cinema

This definitely wasn't something I considered before having a baby, but I'm really pleased that baby screenings exist. They're typically not that full, aren't too overstimulating for the little one, and give you a comfortable, sheltered venue where you don't feel too bad if your baby starts crying or fussing.

37 London Cinemas Showing Baby Screenings
How much is it? Various, usually under £10 What age is it suitable for? Under 1 year Where is it? Various, around London If you don’t want to miss the latest films, or just want a low-key way to get out with your baby during the day, there are lots

Check out a gallery

This may be a little more brave, but the larger art galleries in London are spaced out and quiet too, and a lot of them have family rooms that you can use for a feed and change.

Explore the Tate Modern
How much is it? Free. What age is it suitable for? Any age. Where is it? Southbank. London’s free museums and galleries are a great way to change up your daily activities and expose your little one to culture early on. The Tate Modern is very family friendly; all entrances