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Swim with your baby at your local Better Leisure Centre

Swim with your baby at your local Better Leisure Centre

How much is it? Around £42 per month

What age is it suitable for? 3 months - 4 years

Where is it? Various

Young babies have a natural affinity for water, which is why starting them swimming young can sometimes be a lot easier than introducing swimming lessons when they're a little older. Swimbies at Better Leisure Centres do just that - they start from just 3 months old to build confidence, let you bond, and find fun ways to spend time together in the water.

You don't need to feel pressured to stay for the whole class - their approach is very flexible and baby-focused. But you will learn water safety skills, holds, how to swim together, and gradually transition to independent swimming over time.

The overall course is split out by age, starting with Dippers (3-12 months), then Splashers (13 months - 2 years) and ending with Paddlers (2-4 years). You can then move on to standard, pre-school swimming lessons if you choose. Lessons are just 30 minutes long but you can cut it short if your little one isn't in the mood. At the end of class, you might have a little homework to improve water confidence and bring some fun from the lessons into your routine.

Class sizes are limited to make sure that you get individual attention and feedback, and it's a great opportunity to add something simple but fun into your parental leave routine.

You can type your postcode into the class finder to find your local Swimbies lessons.  

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