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Learn through play at the Science Museum

Learn through play at the Science Museum

How much is it? Free, but you need to pre-book

What age is it suitable for? Any - this post focuses on activities for toddlers

Where is it? South Kensington

If you have a science and space obsessed toddler (or you're trying to encourage one), the Science Museum has some fantastic exhibits to build and satisfy curiosity. The Pattern Pod and Garden, in particular, have wonderful multi-sensory approaches to play that let your toddler explore the world of science.

The Pattern Pod, as its name suggests, lets your todder explore patterns in the world and how they're created. They can make water ripples (without getting wet), create symmetrical patterns, and follow robot trails to start understanding how patterns are created and followed.

The Garden at the Science Museum

Playing in the garden is a little messier. There's a pram park nearby and Explainers on hand to help you both get the most out of the exhibits. Your inquisitive toddler can learn about floating and sinking, shadows, reflections, and more. Make sure that you check the opening times for the Garden before you go as it isn't always available. You'll need to take the lift down to the basement via lift D, just past the space exhibit. There's also a café and changing facilities nearby.

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