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Have a laugh at a Bring Your Own Baby comedy show

Have a laugh at a Bring Your Own Baby comedy show

How much is it? Around £13-£16 for an adult and baby, depending on the show and whether you buy in advance or on the door.

What age is it suitable for? This is an adult comedy show, so there's an upper age limit of 15 months for babies.

Where is it? All over London - there are shows in Walthamstow, Greenwich, Finsbury Park, Woolwich, East Dulwich, South Woodford, Crystal Palace, Finchley and Bromley. You find see your nearest venue using their postcode finder.

Relax and enjoy a proper comedy show, without worrying about your baby disrupting it or needing a feed halfway through. BYOB Comedy is real, adult comedy (with swearing and booze and everything), in venues with soft flooring, toys, buggy parking, and a judgement-free, breastfeeding-friendly environment. All the staff are ready to help you out if you need someone to carry a changing bag or watch your baby while you run to the toilet.

Shows run for 45mins to an hour, depending on the show and location, and your ticket covers you and your baby. Despite being baby-friendly, you don't need to have a kid with you to go to the show - perfect if you want to pop out with a childfree friend for something a bit different.

Feel free to bring drinks and snacks along for your baby, but you will need to buy whatever you need for yourself from the bar/venue. But they'll be serving wine, G+Ts, or whatever else you fancy.

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