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Enjoy Sculpture in the City

Enjoy Sculpture in the City

How much is it? Free

What age is it suitable for? Any

Where is it? City of London

If you want to enjoy a sculpture garden in central London, Sculpture in the City is a wonderful way to do that within the urban landscape. The 12th edition is going up in June 2023, and is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It's best to explore it over the weekend while the City is emptier - and because it's across the City, it's all pram-friendly and accessible.

With younger babies, it's a great chance to take a walk through London and enjoy some art in an easily accessible location with lots of cafes and restaurants to dip into. With toddlers the sculptures are lovely talking points, opportunities to make up stories, or even sit and draw their favourites.

You can see a map of the sculptures on the website with details of local bus routes - while there are no baby changing facilities or similar within the exhibition, you can easily plan around some visits to cafes nearby to make sure you can keep your baby happy while enjoying the sights. Walking from Liverpool Street station towards Aldgate will take you past most of the current sculptures.

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