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Bring your baby wine tasting with Champers and Pampers

Bring your baby wine tasting with Champers and Pampers
Photo by CA Creative on Unsplash

How much is it? £20.50 per adult.

What age is it suitable for? Any age.

Where is it? There are tastings in East Dulwich, South Norwood, Stratford, and Earlsfield.

How about some day drinking with some like-minded people? Champers and Pampers, by Legs Body Finish, takes you through a selection of wines in each session. You'll find out how to taste them and what foods to pair with, as well as finding out more about what sort of wines you do and don't like.

There are around 20 tastings per month across London, typically at 4pm so you'll be back home in plenty of time for your evening routine.

The price is at the upper end for 'cheap' activities, at £20.50 per adult but does include the drinks and newfound knowledge about a variety of wines at each tasting. Of course, if you decide that you really like what you tasted, buying additional bottles will be extra.

Don't worry if you don't know much about wine before you go - you'll learn the jargon and language, and have plenty of opportunities to find out more about what you like during the tasting.

Find out more

You can find dates, times, and tickets on the LegsBodyFinish website.