About Baby Goes London

About Baby Goes London

I created Baby Goes London as a first time mum in Hackney, trying to find some fun and interesting things to do during maternity leave without breaking the bank. It started out as a spreadsheet and sort of developed from there. Now it's a weekly newsletter that shows you fun things you can do with your baby or toddler.

How much do the activities/events cost?

I focus on free and cheap activities - that means that each newsletter typically features a free activity and a cheap activity (defined as being under £20 or so for an adult and baby). I do also add 'discount' and 'spendy' activities, but these are always in addition to the basic free and cheap ones.

What age groups are they aimed at?

Adults, and babies/toddlers up to the age of 3. That means that lots of the activities are mainly aimed at adults but you're welcome to bring babies along (like bring your own baby comedy and concerts) and others are aimed at being engaging and fun for your baby (like baby music events and story time).

Any questions?

Just get in touch! You can reach me on on babygoeslondon@gmail.com.